contatori e statistiche web
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contatori e statistiche web
contatori e statistiche web
Statistiche web gratis demo

In you can get a free unmetred counter. A counter is a small image visible or invisible generated by few lines of javascript code that tracks all your websites traffic. is a 100% free, fast, and easy way to add a web counter to your web page. Not only does it display the number of visitors to your web site, it also keeps statistics on the number of visits each hour and each day. is a free,fast, responsive,quick loading and reliable service with invisible tracking and accurate real-time website statistics with detailed visitor tracking and analysis.

counter web  gratis demo

Throughout your network you need to know what is happening, you need precise and up-to-the-minute data to make the right decisions that affect the growth and security of your sites.

Understanding website traffic and visitor clickstream behavior is crucial to managing a website on a daily basis.

statscounter.infoworks also in livespaces and javascript restricted cms/blogs/forums , we have two counters codes : top performance javascript counter and blog counter (see difference).

  • Make daily decisions based on customer behavior
  • Traffic statistics are a form of direct feedback
  • Generate marketing numbers - not guesswork
  • Learn what customers do & adjust content to meet their needs
  • Adjust strategies according to what works
  • Identify non-effective strategies and drop them
  • Profit from informed advertising and content management decisions

With you can enable/disable at any time counter's link to public statistics web page without relevant private data , All other features are enabled/disabled through our site online, you don't need to change your site code once you've pasted it.Our counters are multilingual , if tuned to visible counter data is displayed in visitor's language , if public web statistics page is enabled it's also displayed in visitor's language.


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contatori e statistiche web


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